まだまだ現役 (It’s still running) [バイク]

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For a couple months, the engine didn’t turn smoothly, torque was lost when low revolution, and the milage has dropped down from 16km/h to 8km/h.
My feelings came to partly give up because this motorcycle which has a tired engine has already marked over 110,000 km.
I checked this symptom by the internet, then I found some articles that seem like my motorcycle’s problem. The articles said that if Cam Chain Tensioner, which brings tension to a chain that moves cams, became worn, such symptom appears.

Immediately I called a motorcycle shop to talk about the symptom. The shop staff has pointed out that might be an ignition problem or something. (To make a long story short, The staff and a mechanic said please exchange spark plugs.)

But the idling was stable, and the symptom appeared while gathering speed after the clutch meet. Therefore, I had a stiff thought that it’s not plugs but a tensioner. So I aggressively ordered the tensioner.

Today, the tensioner came in to the shop, so I went to the shop for exchanging it. The problem seems to have gone. I rode it only 20km today. So I can’t say it was fixed perfectly, but I think it was surely fixed.

By the way, the writer of the article has exchanged a tensioner at 20,000km of the driving distance. The writer said I don’t realize its effect. I know why. Because I’ve ridden my motorcycle until 110,000km with no problems, without exchange.
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A machine (and even human) can only run so much without maintenance (or rest).

Good to hear that its somewhat fixed. :)
by lina (2012-09-19 23:31) 


Konnichiwa lina san! :)
Thank you. I had broken some clocks when I was a child, so I know that I shouldn't take anything apart more than necessary.
Also the shop staff said similar advice to me. haha
by bird (2012-09-23 10:43)