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Seashore shoes could turn into driving shoes? [MINI LIFE]


I was going to buy a shoe laundry brush but impulsively bought seashore shoes.
I thought that they are good for manual transmission pedals. These were really cheap(¥1,500) and the heel looked good for rotative motion.


But hmm.. Unfortunately I felt the sole is a bit soft for a brake pedal. It needs a little more stronger force than Sparco shoes.

I'm already using Sparco driving shoes but I'll use them for a while. Because these are easier to put on.
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Thanks Jumbo! ANA B747-400 The Last Flight to Kumamoto Airport [日記]

[Click the picture to HD size]

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About the flight: Kumamoto sightseeing flight by ANA planned as 50th anniversary of air route Tokyo-Kumamoto, invited elementary/middle school students and guardians from Kumamoto prefecture. B747 operated from 1979 to 2011 on the route.
Arrived B747-400 was a charter plane named "Boeing 747 Retirement Anniversary Goodbye Flight Charter" from Narita airport, and headed back in that evening. Boeing 747 will be retired in March 2014 from Japanese domestic passenger flight.
Thanks Jumbo! A lot of people loved you.

フライトについて: 東京-熊本線開設50周年として企画された熊本遊覧飛行には熊本県内から小中学生およびその保護者が招待された。B747はその航路で1979年から2011まで運用されていた。
到着したB747-400は成田からの「ボーイング747退役記念 さよならフライトチャーター」のチャーター機で、その日の夕方に成田に引き返した。

ありがとうジャンボ! 多くの人があなたを愛していました。
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Sadness [日記]

I think it doesn't need to continue as a traditional hunting.
Probably most people who are in here have never had an experience of eating the meat, and I've never seen the meat is sold at the local market.

Who are eating them?
This is my big question.

The small fishing town have to think again and again how they are using the blessing of nature.
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Happy Mac 30th Anniversary! [道具]

R0012436 (1).jpg

SEはまだ健在ですが、Mac Plusの方は残念ながらフロッピー・ドライブが壊れているようで起動しません。
Happy 30th anniversary!!
Long time no see, cubes!
Mac SE is working well, but unfortunately Mac Plus couldn't boot up because of the broken floppy drive.


映画「バック・トゥ・ザ・フューチャー 2」でマーティが降り立ったのは2015年だったそうですが、時の経つのは早いですね。
Marty landed in 2015 on the movie "Back to the Future II".
Time flies.
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まだまだ現役 (It’s still running) [バイク]

_DSC2493 - Version 2.jpg





For a couple months, the engine didn’t turn smoothly, torque was lost when low revolution, and the milage has dropped down from 16km/h to 8km/h.
My feelings came to partly give up because this motorcycle which has a tired engine has already marked over 110,000 km.
I checked this symptom by the internet, then I found some articles that seem like my motorcycle’s problem. The articles said that if Cam Chain Tensioner, which brings tension to a chain that moves cams, became worn, such symptom appears.

Immediately I called a motorcycle shop to talk about the symptom. The shop staff has pointed out that might be an ignition problem or something. (To make a long story short, The staff and a mechanic said please exchange spark plugs.)

But the idling was stable, and the symptom appeared while gathering speed after the clutch meet. Therefore, I had a stiff thought that it’s not plugs but a tensioner. So I aggressively ordered the tensioner.

Today, the tensioner came in to the shop, so I went to the shop for exchanging it. The problem seems to have gone. I rode it only 20km today. So I can’t say it was fixed perfectly, but I think it was surely fixed.

By the way, the writer of the article has exchanged a tensioner at 20,000km of the driving distance. The writer said I don’t realize its effect. I know why. Because I’ve ridden my motorcycle until 110,000km with no problems, without exchange.
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